The source to get cricket scores and updates on apps this IPL 2021 Season

On 18 of february, Indian cricket fans were glued to the TV as the IPL 2021 auctions took place and the constant updates for those who couldn’t be near their phone had to update themselves through apps such as FanCode, CricBuzz and many others. These apps are generally so quick in putting out good content in the form of news that there are big players and a lot of competition presides over this space.

Though the regular people who just want the basics of cricket when they can’t be near their Tv is getting news of players and teams information before a match and then when the live match is played they should have an app that helps keep you updated on the live score. These apps really have become so user friendly and better than ever before. These apps help you with ball to ball updates, help you know player info,injury or form. The vast amount of data that is out there for a cricket fan is mind boggling as they can find out or know just about anything.

The come 9th of april when the world starts a little bit more and people start working from office and not remote. The need for apps that provide things such as cricinfo, cricket news and live updates are going to be massive for a market like India in the Ipl season. Even though our national sport is hockey, the love for cricket compared to hockey is unmatchable.

So when from the 9th of april till the 30th of may of the IPL season i’m surely going to be glued to my Television and if I can’t be on the television I’m surely going to keep checking for my favorite teams ipl scorecard. So keeping up to date on things all related to sports when an app  like FanCode comes in as I’ve been using them for the past year and they haven’t let me down in terms of providing me with exactly what I expect, cricket news and a good cricket score app. They have a good and interactive user interface and are up to date in the uploading of their news articles and making tweaks in the app whenever needed to better improve the app.

The FanCode app also has a lot more features for sports fanatics. They have sports such as basketball, NFL and much more for those who love leagues such as the NBA and bundesliga.

The need of a good integrated app and a well adapted user face for indian fans to have news and sports information is a need that FanCode provides in a well executed way that millions of Indians could access.