The IPL time of the year has arrived once again

The IPL time of the year has arrived yet again this time the dates have been shifted slightly but the excitement has not been shifted one bit. Even though the scare of the Coronavirus is still present the players and the management has decided to bring on the IPL T20 action to your homes without you having to even move out of your houses. If not for opening the year with the firecracker of IPL it is time to end our year with a bang, let’s put the sadness and depression on a hold for a while and live in the exciting moments of the Indian Premier League.

The Match schedules are out and the time tables have brought in some crazy amount of excitement amongst the views and the fans. The first match itself is going to be played between the two big unbeatable giants in the entire history if the IPL Cricket and that has created a more buzz in the fans of IPL and the schedules look even more promising with the new players in all the teams as well as the delay has caused the buzz to increase as well. People have been waiting since the month of march when the actual lockdown happened and the IPL was officially cancelled, but now the live action is back.

Considering the given current situations in India with the number of Covid cases still at a rise the management has even decided to move the IPL 2020 from India to the UAE and the entire season is going to be played in the UAE and all the matches will be hosted in the stadiums of Dubai and also the stadium gates will remain closed for the audience. This will be the first time in the history of IPL that the matches will be played with zero audiences, even though the tournament was once hosted overseas but never with empty stands.

The IPL matches will anyway be telecasted live on various platforms and for the people who do not have access to these platforms can also view the live IPL score on their mobile phone using various apps and websites as well. All the travel and accommodation factors were expected to be taken care of by the BCCI, but the franchises will have to be responsible for any travel and lodging happening in the UAE.  There is so much that the people as the audience will be expecting this season from them, since it is going to be a completely different experience for the players as well as the fans. The schedules look tight and also the timings have been slightly moved than the traditional game time of 8 pm IST. The games will be played 30 minutes before the original timings that is 7:30 pm IST. All the other leagues have ended and it is time for IPL to kick start, everybody is excited as finally they will have changes in their daily work and family schedules and they will have something else to focus on in the form of this cricketing experience.