State of Origin Betting:  What Should You Know? 

The yearly State of Origin series between New South Wales and Queensland is the highpoint of the world rugby league. The intense and bitter competition between the two Australian states dates back to 1980, and every passing year, they lock horns in a three-match sequence to decide a winner. To know everything about betting on these series, you can click here

Since the world rugby league is the main attraction in Australia, an increasing number of people bet on these matches. If you are wondering how to start placing bets at the State of Origin, read on the following points.

Line and Handicap Betting 

Line and handicap betting is a popular way that you can bet in the rugby league. In this format, you will start with a particular point start or points shortage. So, if a team beats the spread of points and wins by say 3 points or more, you will be a winner. 

However, if your team loses by a particular amount of points while using your handicap, you will also be on the losing side.

The First Team Scorer 

Choosing which team scores first, whether it’s a penalty or a trying goal, is a fun way of betting in this rugby league. Once you decide which team will score first, you get good odds and a 50-50 chance of winning some money. 

Similarly, since the State of Origin is quite a tight and tense battle, each chance to score a point is sought-after. Mostly either side will designate to take a penalty attempt, rather than try and score a try, such as a requirement to be ahead on the scoreboard. Hence, if you pick the manner of scoring first, it can be highly lucrative for you.

First Try-Scorer 

Choosing the player who scores the first try of the match is another exciting method you can bet in a rugby league, and it is specifically popular in the State of Origin. Scoring a try is tough, and often in the State of Origin matches, the scoring remains low. 

Total Points Betting

When you do betting, you have the chance of betting on the total number of points that are going to be scored in the match, and it is compared to the marker set by the bookies. It is generally known as over or under the points of the marker. 

Match Betting 

Match betting is one of the most well-known and debatably the simplest way to bet on the rugby league. You just need to predict the match result, and you win your bet. Once you pick the team to back, select home win, away win, or draw. However, in rugby, draws are extremely rare.

Important Points for Betting 

When you decide to bet on state of the origin matches, make sure that you keep the following things in mind:

  • Keep a check on the weather changes as bad weather may significantly affect a rugby game
  • Get intimate knowledge of the teams you decide to back 
  • Understand the market that you pick. As an example, wingers are popular to score first try in most of the matches
  • Stay updated with the match news and ensure that all the main players are playing. Furthermore, if there are any last moment changes in the line-up, note them

To sum up, you can get all the information you should know to make a significant move and participate in the State of Origin betting.