Get to know the terms in online soccer gambling and their meanings


If this is your first time playing soccer gambling online, you will find many new terms in the game. Playing soccer betting online is indeed very exciting because it can give you the sensation of watching football that is more tense. If you succeed in winning soccer bets, you can also get prizes up to fold.

But of course not all of you have the ability and experience to play online soccer betting. Those of you who are just starting out with some of the terms and abbreviations of the game will probably be a little confused. Though the term is the main reference for players to place judi bola bets for good results.

Not to worry, there are many references that you can use to learn terms and abbreviations in online soccer betting. This includes this article which will inform you about the terms in online soccer betting. In addition, we will also explain what the meanings of each term or abbreviation in online soccer betting games.

Meaning of the terms HDP, Over Under and Odd Even

There are 3 terms that are most often used in online soccer betting games. The term actually refers to the types of bets provided by online soccer agents or sites. The terms between them are HDP, Over Under and Odd Even. What are the meanings of these terms, here is a complete explanation.

  • HDP (Handicap)

If you look at the display of the soccer betting site, you will find a column that says HDP or handicap. In this column there are two important pieces of information that you must understand, namely VOOR and KEI. Voor is the value of the goal given to a weak team in a match while KEI is the value of the multiple of the prize that can be obtained if you win.

  • Odd Even

In online soccer betting games, you will also often find the term OE or Odd Even which means even odd. Well, in this term you can place a bet whether the number of goals in a match ends in odd or even numbers. For multiple payments or KEI, it still refers to the KEI value in the HDP column.

  • Over Under

Next, you will find a column labeled OU which stands for over under. In this column there is an odds value which is the market value of the number of goals that the dealer has set. You have to guess whether the number of goals in the match is over or under the odds value given by the dealer.

The meaning of the terms 1 × 2 football betting, FH / FT and Mix Parlay

  • 1 × 2 (once two)

The term on the next site or online soccer agent that you must understand is 1 × 2 or read once or twice. Number 1 means that you place a bet on the home team that will win. Number 2 means the opposite, that is, the away team wins or the home team loses. Whereas the x bet means you guess the match will end in a draw.