Different trophies to honor the sports talents

Most of the sportspeople believe that winning is not something so important but the enormous emotional thing that comes with winning the sport will encourage them to move to great levels. When the team or person wins in the sports events, the awards are given in different forms. You might have heard about the football trophy, hockey trophy, golf trophy, etc. along with them the cash prize, vehicles, etc. here are some of the trophies given for the winners of the different sports.

Super Bowl trophy

The Vince Lombardi Trophy is the football trophy given for the National Football League (NFL) Champaign every year. These feet will nearly two feet high and shaped in the form of the kick ready football. It is created from scratch every year and the cost of the trophy would be $50,000. The time taken for designing the trophy is 4 months. The value of the silver to design the trophy will cause $1,700.

Later, the seven bowl trophy that weighs seven-pound is got back from the winning team and sent to Tiffany to be cleaned and engrave the names of the players in the team, final score, and the date. Then again the trophy is sent back to the winning team.

Stanley cup

Stanley cup is the hockey trophy awarded to the professional hockey team. In 1892, the governor-general of Canada at the period, Lord Stanley brought a punch bowl from one of the Silversmith from London. The cost of it was $48.67, which cost more than $1,100 today and this trophy was honored to the hockey club. Later, the tiered ring is added to the bottom of the bowl and some long narrow uneven bands. After this, the practice was followed by the hockey team.

World Series trophy

The Commissioner’s Trophy is awarded as an appreciation to the Major League Baseball (MLB)’s top team every year. Even though there has been some World Series since 1903, it was 1967 for the trophy to be doled out. The trophy design followed in the recent days was produced by Tiffany and it is done with the silver medal. The cost of the trophy was $19,000 measured 2 feet long, weighs 30 pounds with 30 gold plated flags.

NBA Trophy

The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy is given as an appreciation for the top National Basketball Association (NBA) every year. The biggest prize for the basketball is named after the man who headed the league matches for 9 years right from 1975 to 1984. Even now the same trophy is followed with a weight of 14.5 pounds and 24 karat gold overlay. The value of the trophy is about $13,500 and this is given for the winning team every year.

The bottom line

There are different stories behind different trophies and that evolved since the ancient period. Even today, when you need to gift or award someone, you can look for the corporate trophies online and choose the best trophies that are available with the different materials like the acrylic trophies.