Best Team Building Sports in Sydney for Your Next Team Building Events

Starting to notice some dysfunctional relationships around the office? It sounds like it’s time for team building sports.

Team building sports are a great way to spend time together out of office in a less formal environment and learn about each other, build trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration among employees.

The bonding formed from such sports will improve the productivity of the office as a whole. And, you know, it is one of the best investments you can make in your company.

So, what can be the best team building sports for your employees?

There are many team-building sports available across Sydney that can help to improve your employee’s team building in a fun way. Here is our recommendation for the best team building games in Sydney for your next team building events

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer in Sydney is a popular team-building sport as there are many corporate and personal benefits of playing this sport. It is a great fun sport to play for a team of any size which makes it suitable for a company of any size.

This sport is packed with action and full of laughter. People are grouped into two teams and each team battle by bumping into each other while trying to score a goal. As it’s a team sport, you need to have proper understanding and coordination among the team members.

Human Foosball

Yes, you read it right. It’s Human foosball, not Table Foosball. In place of plastic players, it involves actual people kicking and moving the ball.

Human Foosball AKA Human Bubble Socceris designed as a team-oriented sport, as it requires proper unity and communication among the teammates. While playing this game, it is essential to continually communicate with all team members to know where the ball is. More importantly, the outcome depends on the overall team effort, which requires proper coordination.

Hence, It’s fast and fun to play human foosball and also doesn’t take a lot to set up due to which it’s one of the best team building sport.

Soapy Soccer

Soapy soccer AKA soapy football is a fun experience game where you walk, run & slide on a slippery soapy surface. Itis the perfect activity during a hot summer day.

This game is full of excitement which makes it ideal for a group of friends or team building activity. The best part of soapy soccer is, it doesn’t require any particular skill to play, and people of any age can enjoy it. Soapy soccer best sport to have a great time with employees outside the office.

Beach Olympics

If you want to make your team building event more challenging with lots of activities, Beach Olympic is the perfect sport for you.

As per the name “Beach Olympics,” it is held in beaches with a variety of activities like Beach Bubble Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Flag Grid Iron, Beach Cricket, Sand Sculpting and many more. It helps to keep participants interested and engaged.

Beach Olympics is full of challenges, and participants can spend quality time outside the normal environment. All the events are designed to provide ideal opportunity to get competitive with one another.

And as we all know, the Olympic event won’t be funwithout the medals and ribbons after each event winners are honored with 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals.