If you cannot beat the bookmakers using exact score tips, value betting represents one of the best ways of beating them at their own game.

Most bookmakers accurately determine their odds through a computerized algorithm system and the number of odds reflecting their probable outcomes. There are times, however where bookmakers determine odds at an overpriced probability that do not reflect their possible outcome, and taking advantage of this opportunity is the whole essence of value betting.

How value betting works

Usually, higher probable outcomes are represented by low odds, while lower probable outcomes are represented by high odds. There are times, however where bookmakers may represent higher probable outcomes with high odds, and betting on such outcomes represents a value bet.

Wagering on value bets simply means wagering on outcomes with a higher probability, as opposed to what the bookmakers speculate. It is, therefore, wagering on events that have a higher outcome than their odds suggest. For example, a value bet is wagering on Liverpool FC backed with 2.50 odds to beat Bournemouth FC with 2.50.

How to determine a value bet

One of the most common mistake bettors, especially novice bettors, is bet without proper analysis. Determining whether a bet is of value or not requires an in-depth mathematical analysis, as wagering on one is not a guarantee that you will win.

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Benefiting from value bets.

To benefit from value bet, you must be able to identify one to be able to cash in on it. Relying on value bets is all about discipline, which should also be applied in every betting situation if you must beat the bookmakers. You must, therefore, adopt practices like;

  •       Carrying out an in-depth analysis of each bet

To benefit from value bets, bettors must evaluate odds allocated by bookmakers and by so doing, they will be able to infer which one has incorrectly assigned.

  •       Restraining yourself from betting on fancy bets

Not every fancy-looking bet is a value bet. You must not be in a rush selecting options on the assumption that it is a value bet.

  •       Understanding how the value bet market works

The value bet market means wagering on possible outcomes with a higher chance of success, which is contrary to the bookmakers’ speculation. Value bets have a higher outcome than their odds suggest.

The downside of value betting is that a bettor must accurately evaluate the chances of an event happening, and this may not come off quickly as possible outcomes in football betting may sometimes be affected by players, coaches and other in-match occurrences.


Value betting is an effective way of beating the bookmarkers if you understand how it works and the bettor can analyze the outcome of which side the game will go. For newbies, it may seem more difficult, but relying on exact correct scores tips website like the http://www.exactscoretips.info/ can improve your winnings.