What are you going to enjoy at Lords Cricket Ground?

Who are not crazy about cricket?

Have you ever visited Lords Cricket Ground?

The most famous cricket venue, this ground is situated at St John’s Wood, London, named after the founder, Thomas Lord. It welcomes sports fans from all over the world and experiences some exceptional cricket heritage. Here, we are discussing a fun guide that makes you visit to this amazing place. It will help you find some highlights that you can look for whenever you visit the Lords Cricket Ground.

The history

The famous ground was built in 1814 and was known to be home to England national team and Middlesex Country Cricket Club as well. It is reported to have a capacity of around 28,000 people at one time. People love sitting on its iconic seats that have sporting history and witness some nail biting matches since the ground was introduced. Before watching a game, the visitors can first enjoy the beautiful history tour of it for around ninety minutes and access changing rooms, public areas, and stands on certain offers.

Watch the live sport

On visiting the Lords Cricket Ground, you can’t resist seeing the game in action. Since time, Lord has also organized a series of test matches, national and international matches. If you are also a big heart fan of cricket, you should surely book a ticket for yourself in advance; otherwise, seats will get full, and you can’t see the greatest cricketers in action.

Don’t skip visiting to the museum

Many of you do like to dig into the deep history of this ground. Well, you can visit a museum having traces of cricket legacy of over four hundred years. Here, you will find an amazing collection of portraits of the biggest names in cricket. Also named as Ashes Trophy, this museum is counted amongst one of the highlights whenever you visit Lord’s.

Make your own memories by visiting Lords Cricket Ground once in your lifetime. If you are a true fan of cricket, you should definitely visit this awesome place.