Some of the Best All-Rounders in the India Cricket Team

There has been a change in cricket compared to a couple of years prior. Cricket presently is mainly overwhelmed by the new format, the T20s. One requires plenty of abilities to turn into a fruitful cricketer these days.

However, T20s have been a feature. Test cricket has likewise recovered its high level. The most significant step towards improving Tests was the ICC World Test Championship. A couple of years before, many Test matches used to end in a draw, yet presently the outcomes are different. The ODI cricket has confronted a loss after the COVID-19 pandemic; however, it will doubtlessly recapture its level again with the ODI World Cup coming in 2023.

That is how cricket has evolved in recent years; it is essentially an all-rounders’ sport. In every format of the match, an all-rounder player is immeasurable. Every team yearns for a top-tier all-rounder who can win battles with the bat and the ball.

With only a few days left, let’s take a look at the IPL team’s all-rounders.

1. Dwayne Bravo

When representing CSK, Dwayne Bravo has proven to be the most productive player in various vital scenarios. As a result, Bravo has been an essential member of the Yellow since 2011.

He is one of the best bowlers in the tournament and an explosive middle-order batsman with supreme hitting power. Bravo has 147 wickets and 1,483 runs in matches, making him a master of death bowling and challenging situations. He also had a successful CPL. While bowling, he is in charge of crucial overs and scoring them while batting in an IPL match.

2. Kieron Pollard

One of the essential Mumbai Indian all-rounders, Kieron Pollard, since the start of his journey in IPL back in 2010, has been a centerpiece of the Mumbai establishment and has never played for some other group in the competition. From a few great thumps with the bat to winning coordinates with his bowling effort during the passages, Pollard has been perhaps the truest fighter of the Blue. In 148 IPL live matches played for the establishment, Pollard scored 2,755 runs at a striking pace north of 146. Also, taking everything into account, with 56 wickets, Pollard has been the go-to individual for Mumbai in crunch circumstances.

3. Ravindra Jadeja

He has been an individual from the Indian Premier League’s series of wins since its start. His remarkable hitting gifts and sharp left-arm turning accuracy assisted Rajasthan Royals with winning their first IPL title, and he, at last, turned into a massive piece of CSK’s base center request batting. He has 108 wickets, surprisingly, including an exciting 5-wicket pull and 1,927 runs with a striking pace of more than 122. The significant strength of Jadeja’s IPL profession has been changing his tournament depending on the match circumstance and continuously being a cooperative person. He was the most expensive player by CSK to bid in the IPL 2012.

4. Andre Russel

With his incredible work rate, Andre Russell is arguably the best all-rounder in global cricket right now. Russell is regarded as an all-rounder since he can not only win matches with his bat down the order, but he can also bowl in the 20-over format with both the new and old ball. He has already proven himself for several live IPL matches.