Role of Good Quality Bearings in Skateboarding


Skateboarding requires a balance to move the board smoothly. But there are many elements behind performing different tricks and stunts while maintaining balance. The faster skateboarders might impress you, but they are faster because they have good quality skateboards. It is a skateboard, but there are wheels and the bearings that participate in this extraordinary ride. You have to get the best types of equipment that can make your speed good and tell you how to stop, how to turn, and what you should do if there is a rock or any obstacle on your way.

All the skateboards parts are very important, but this article will tell you about the importance of suitable quality bearings in your skating experience. If you buy a new skateboard and are a beginner who has no idea buying the right skateboard or its parts, keep reading this article. It will be the ultimate guide for you. So let’s dive into it.

Role of Good Quality Bearings in Skateboarding

Suitable quality bearings can help you to have complete control of your board. On the other hand, if the bearings are of bad quality, then you might have to face numerous issues. You cannot deny the importance of suitable quality bearings in your skateboarding competition for the following terms.

  1. Complete Control

When you have the correct bearing, you can control your board and increase or decrease the speed. You can immediately take action when you need to avoid something terrible to happen. If you are a street skater, you need to pick a suitable bearing because you must be ready to save yourself from injuries.

  1. Faster Rolling

If you have a good quality bearing in your board, you can roll your board quickly; you do not need first to slow down the board’s speed and then roll. If you do not decrease your board’s speed before rolling, you will have injuries with bad bearings.  If the bearings of your board are old, then it can disturb your ride, so go and buy some extraordinary bearings for your board. It will run faster at the speed of rolling and give you complete control of the board.

  1. Efficiency

When you have suitable quality bearings in your skateboard, then you can quickly move in any direction. If the bearings get dirty often, it means these are not of good quality. They restrict you to move in the right directions with immediate effects. If you need an efficient ride, you have to upgrade your board to new bearings.

  1. Maintain Balance

Before starting skateboarding, you need to check your board’s bearings, wheels, nuts, and bolts. The bearings will help you to maintain the balance. When you have poor quality bearings, they might fail to balance and get out of service. You can also put new bearings with the old bearings to make a balance on the board.

  1. Prevent You in the Ups and Downs

When you are not moving on the bare patches, like you are skating in rocky areas with many ups and downs, the bearings help you in this situation. It helps you to follow the direction that you say. That is why you have to choose suitable quality bearings for your exclusive rides.

Wrapping Up

Skateboarding is not possible without having bearings on the board. The bearings help you move in any direction and keep you in a balanced position. So always pick good quality bearing for skateboarding.