On Your Way to a Career as a Personal Trainer or a Coach

For those that want to start a business as a personal trainer or a coach, the way to this career is easy to obtain. You need to study some of the following courses at a NESTA certified organization. These courses include:

  • Nutrition & behavior training
  • Personal & group training
  • HIIT & Conditioning training
  • Biomechanics & functional training
  • Ropes & kettlebell training
  • Triathlon training
  • Martial arts conditioning training
  • Human movement training course
  • Health & Wellness coaching

Continuing education credits

These classes lead to personal trainer continuing education credits and then to a NESTA personal training certification. Anyone that wants to have a career in the area of a personal trainer in health and wellness needs to earn this certification with fitness professional CEU.


So you can also teach or coach in any sports it is important to also earn a biomechanics certification. With NESTA this is one of the most thorough as well as in-depth programs that someone wanting a career as a coach can take. To earn this certification, you must first understand:

  • Biomechanics
  • Human movement
  • Joint function

This will give you the skills that will more quickly get you to a high-level and highly respected fitness pro.

This course

This educational course was developed in order to empower the future coach or fitness trainer to have the skills, knowledge as well as abilities to be able to safely and successfully qualitatively assess any individual from a standpoint of biomechanics thus being able to customize their fitness instruction. Biomechanics is the science at the heart of all coaching and personal training in order to have a better understanding of sports movements.

No math

It needs to be noted that this course does focus on qualitative biomechanical analysis, so there are some math concepts to be reviewed but there is little to no math that is required on the quizzes.