Madden NFL 21: Derwin Bowl Event

The first game opposed Derwin James to Devonta Smith, the winner of Heisman Trophy. This match was a unique opportunity for him to compete against a pro player, even in a virtual setting. DeVonta Smith who clearly had some experience with the game pretended the contrary in order to deceive his opponent. He played as the Miami Dolphins, a team with an excellent overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Smith was a difficult opponent up until the last seconds of the game but was ultimately bested by Derwin.

Game two saw Derwin pitched against country music superstar Lee Brice who was clearly a newbie when it comes to Madden NFL. Derwin won the game without any surprise but his game was not as flamboyant as usual. However, that game was a unique opportunity for fans and spectators to hear nice stories and memories from Brice.

The third game saw Derwin play against a Madden NFL Championship Series competitor, the youtuber TDBarrett. Barrett was clearly Derwin’s toughest opponent up until now with an extended knowledge of the game’s mechanics and gameplay. Game 3 was the most interesting to watch up to that point and it was difficult to decide who would win. Derwin won but it was a very close call and TDBarrett could have won just as easily.

Game 4 was against an arguably tougher opponent than TDBarrett. James’ opponent this time was the winner of Madden 21 Club Championship, Jwall. Jwall was on a series of victories and was a perfect match for James who was undefeated during the whole season. Jwall dominated the whole game and gave little to no chance to Derwin to come back. He ended Derwin’s undefeated run, giving him his first loss of the season with a huge display of talent.

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Contributed by mezaoyabin.