How to Disinfect Football Gear

The football season is underway, making it even more important for players to stay healthy and stay infection-free. Disinfecting football pads with a disinfectant spray can help prevent the spread of infections. A consistent disinfection protocol is critical for athletes, whether they’re professional athletes, coaches, or parents. A player should be careful to prevent infections that are common in sports, such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, impetigo, and staph/ MRSA, along with COVID-19.

To keep players focused on their game instead of worrying about germs, here are some tips for cleaning football gear.

Promote Athlete Hygiene


At every price and game, always make sure that everyone’s pads, helmets, and uniforms are clean, disinfected, and do not contain any chemicals. After every game, the player should take a shower and wash their hands thoroughly with soap every time they use the restroom or touch a communal surface.

Be Consistent


Preventing infectious diseases can be achieved by disinfecting football pads, balls, uniforms, and equipment regularly. The risk of spreading germs increases when you do not clean football equipment between each use. With a quick spray of your football pads disinfectant, disinfect the equipment in locker rooms, gyms, and anywhere else players congregate daily.

Don’t Pass Germs


Stop germs before they spread! Make sure each football used for practice and games is clean and disinfected. Disinfect them with a non-bleach disinfectant like Clear Gear that kills germs that cause infections like COVID-19 and staph, but won’t harm them.

Tackle Your Football Pads


In addition to harboring germs, football pads get stinky as they absorb sweat. Each time you use a football pad, brush off all loose dirt and then disinfect it with Clear Gear football pad disinfectant spray. Before disinfecting, never store them in a tight space, such as a gym bag or locker-this will create a breeding ground for nasty germs. You should always disinfect your gym bag after using them if you carry them. Have your football pads professionally cleaned at the end of the season?

Defend Your Helmets


Even though most football helmets feature antimicrobial moisture-wick linings, they must still be disinfected after every use. Remove loose dirt with a brush, then use disinfectant wipes that are non-bleach to clean the outside of the helmet. Remove the padding and lining from the helmet, and spray them thoroughly with Clear Gear. While the padding and lining dry, spray the inside of the helmet.

Make sure you follow these tips so that you won’t spread nasty germs. For more information about Clear Gear non-bleach football pads disinfectant spray,