Coach Youth livescore: Game Statistics

Every youth football game that I have coached has had game statistics. It is important to know which players are performing well on game day. The ultimate practice player always disappears on game day. Stats can be used for both game day and later.

You want to be able track livescore these things on game day:

Your first down play is a success
Your primary running plays’ success
Your primary passing plan’s success
Your leading rusher
Conversions to third down
Fourth down conversions
Leading tacklers
Opponent’s top rusher
The Opponent’s top tackler

You can quickly review the game day stats sheet I use. It’s a simple tool that allows you to gather data about the plays as they develop. This is a job that a parent will do for their children. This parent has the benefit of being able to watch from the sidelines. Over the years, I’ve seen other parents give jersey numbers to Stat parents.

It includes Down, Distance and yard location. It’s very simple to use during youth football games.

Another reason to keep stats is that copies can be passed out at the year’s end party. For the past couple of years, one of my assistants has created a set of “player cards”, which each player can use. Then he adds stats and a photo of each child. This was a huge hit with both the parents and kids. I used to have a youth football yearbook that included full-year stats.