All You Need To Know About Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V

The Vapor trail limb driver is the first limb driver introduced with the full capture option, free-floating launcher arm, and adjustable spring tension in the archery industry. Generally, the arrow rests models fall into three categories. They are launcher, full-capture, and drop-away. To select the right fit, one needs to know about the working principle and differences.

The launcher model is simple to use and cost-effective. They deliver accuracy with minor tuning. The drawback of this model is it can fall off anytime when the shooter tilts the bow. This model suits for shooting indoors. The full capture model supports the arrow all the time. They do not move or fall off when you tilt. This model suits archers shooting at 3D targets. Drop-away models are more complex compared to the other models, but they deliver superior accuracy. There are two types of drop-away rests available in the market: Limb-driven and cable-driven. The limb-driven model connects to the bow’s lower limb, whereas the cable-driven model connects to the cable. Many archers choose this model as it does not have cable to tie.

What is best in Limb Driver Pro V

The vapor trail limbdriver pro v is tested with all weather conditions and does not freeze during extreme temperatures. It weighs around 3 ounces that makes the archers feel lighter while shooting.

Easy Setup

The limb driver is the easiest arrow rest to shoot. It does not require tying the cable anywhere or needs a bow to press the activation cord.


As the model does not require tying the cable, it saves the shooter’s timing. Therefore, many archers prefer this model as the best.


The Pro V model is made up of metal and only a few places with rubber padding. There are a lot of differences between the Pro V metal and other plastic launchers. Plastic launchers do not have the durability like the Pro V.

Containment cage

The containment cage is spacious and can accommodate all sizes of arrows. The shooter can easily switch up without returning.

Full Containment

This model is marked as full containment rest although it has an open at the top.

Arrow support

The Pro V model offers one of the longest arrows supported with 70% of the shot cycle. It allows more time to stabilize before the arm drops.

Installation of Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro V

As mentioned, it is very easy to set up the vaportrail limbdriver pro v. Following are the steps to install:

  1. Install the rest to the bow. Ensure that the bow is not sitting anywhere else.
  2. Loosen the windage bolt to adjust the rest left and right to the desired view.
  3. Adjust the launcher arm height by loosening the elevation bolt.
  4. Adjust the spring tension by turning clockwise for more tension and anticlockwise for less tension.
  5. Clean the limb surface with denatured alcohol.
  6. Using a half hitch knot, tie the limb driver cord.
  7. Run the cord carefully through the cord hole to the stopper.
  8. Tight the mounting bracket if required.
  9. Apply moleskin to the surface inside.

Whether the archer is shooting for a 3D tournament or for hunting, the Vapor trail limb driver pro v works awesome and is easy to use. It stands in the market for its durability and features. When it is set properly, the shooter can experience its splendid performance.